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A paradigm shift is needed in our education system and other agencies to overcome the effects of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Recognising that cultural changes are needed is the first step in the process. The second step is becoming knowledgeable about ACEs. Reflecting on your own practise, and very often the practise of others, is the third crucial step. Undertaking this is not always an easy process. Maintaining the momentum, remaining focused and determined to drive forward the vision of changing culture is not straight forward.

Through EmBRACE (Emotionally and Brain Resilient to Adverse Childhood Experiences) organisations are provided with a structure to become ACE aware, bringing about a culture change through an ACE-informed lens that not only improves outcomes for the people it serves but also supports the staff.

Read the feedback to see the impact of EmBRACE so far. For further information contact Sue Irwin 07505 118221.

ut also supports our staff and parents

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