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I recognises that a strong partnership between school and home is essential for the progression of all learners.



I have demonstrated my creative flair and passion for learning through my new registered designed educational learning resource.



The SHLink is a learning resource which promotes the pedagogy that learning can happen anywhere and everyone has a responsibility to encourage the needs of the 'holistic' child.








The SHLink is a vehicle for the development of communication and literacy skills. The SHLink provides a visual & physical link between school and home. The children can carry their work around and then display it.The display board provides a platform for teachers and families to show that they value and want to celebrate the child's work. Discussions which focus around the work displayed on the SHLink develop a child's confidence, speaking and listening skills. As the SHLink doubles up as a carrier, this provides a convenient way of transporting work and also encourages organisational skills to be developed. In addition to this the SHLink also provides a creative way to monitor assessment and have instant, flexible display.


To purchase a SHLink or enquire about a wholesale order, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.





SHLink's can be personalised to meet schools' requirements

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