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EmBRACE - It's an ACE approach

The Winter Gardens, Blackpool was the perfect venue for the PHE North West Adverse Childhood Experiences Conference (January 2017) to showcase the positive outcomes for EmBRACE.

EmBRACE was piloted at Witton Park Academy. Steve Archer, behaviour lead at Witton Park Academy, shared with colleagues the impact of the project. Key areas addressed included change in policy and how it has been embed into practice.

School adoption of ACE principles:

- Creation of an EmBRACE working group of teachers sharing good practice and able to lead by example.

- Consistency of approach and reinforcement of school behaviour and de-escalation techniques.

- Amendment of whole school policy to embed ACE approach.

- Whole school well-being survey to identify areas of specific focus and supplement existing PCSHE curriculum, pastoral and behaviour management systems.

- Bespoke training package for learning support staff.

Next steps:

- Ensure we can provide a tailored approach to individual students and staff.

- Students- Ensure all relevant information is collated before referral to 1-2-1 programme.

- Avoid duplication of effort.

- Staff – embed trauma informed approach in all internal training and relevant policies.

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