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Self-reflection is empowering practitioners and highlighting the importance of cultural reform throu

Action Research is a form of self-reflection enquiry and has shown to be an empowering tool for teachers whilst their school engages with ‘EmBRACE’.

Not only has the process helped practitioners become even more compassionate towards the students they work with, but it has also provided them with the structure to recognise how their involvement has formed part of the vehicle to drive forward cultural change.

To support the action research each practitioner has had to: consider what their own values, beliefs and perception were in relation to the focus; undertake the vital step of asking the question ‘What aspect of changing school culture do I want to explore?’.

Each Action Research Reflection Form provides an invaluable insight into the key factors which influenced change.

Read more to find out how the growth mind-set of teachers' has contributed to cultural change and had a positive impact on the lives of young people.

Action Research Reflection Forms: A snap shot of impact

Quote taken from the reflection notes showing the power that can arise from looking through an ACE lens:

‘I was surprised about some of the girls’ responses.

I was not prepared for the heightened emotional state that some of the girls would have been in.

They had to ‘get to the bottom of things’ and ‘work through their own issues’.

They needed to do this in order to ‘get through to the other side’.

They had to get to the emotional state and work through that in order to become emotionally resilient. This was because they understood that, whatever their ACE was/is, it’s something that doesn’t have to be a lead weight and can be worked through’.

Compassionate Teacher

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